Boiling Room for Hot Reading (01) Boiling Room for Hot Reading (02) Boiling Room for Hot Reading (03) Boiling Room for Hot Reading (04) Boiling Room for Hot Reading (05)

Initiated in collaboration with Susan van Veen and produced together with Sarah Cleeremans, Boiling Room for Hot Reading was a site-specific project set in the Boiler Room of MoMa PS1 for Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair 2018.

HOT NEWS: From Sept 21-24, WT is taking shelter in the basement of MoMA PS1, seeking comfort amongst glowing gilded conduits and generously thick brick walls. Did you know that warm air rises to the ceiling? We read somewhere that if one is feeling cold, one should put their ceiling fan on its lowest setting, in the clockwise direction, to push the hot air back to the floor, where one can feel it. Boiler rooms are not usually known to be the most suitable spaces for simmering down, but nevertheless, we’d love to warmly welcome you to come down to our Boiling Room for Hot Reading, where you will be provided with some freshly forged (pre)texts and plenty other excellent reasons to chill.

Sarah Cleeremans, The Fire Next Time;
Darío Dezfuli, Fluid translation service;
Darío Dezfuli, De goole-bug;
Loes Claessens, Hotzone ‘00;
Frédérique Gagnon, Sublimation of the Sublime;
Miron Galic, Gendered Water;
Nicha Keeratiphanthawong, Ice Ice Baby, 1966;
Simona Koutná, Paris, May 2018;
Michelle Lin, Private Collection;
Mariana Lobão, Jökulsárlón in May 2018;
Rebecca Metzger, Eleven benevolent elephants (Vocal tongue warm–up’s);
Gerardo Madera, Palace of the Peacock;
Susan van Veen, Some Light Reading (NYABF 2018 edition);
Jannete Mark, Auguries of innocence;
Moriz Oberberger, An Original Copy (Gilberto Hiraldo Barrientos);
Maria Smit, Barbrber;
Austin Redman, Therapeutic Divination Chart (to scale);
Mirjam Reili, Reading the Playboy The September Underscore;
Andrea Salerno, Warmer Wind;
Sangah Shin, Degrees of Kawaii—from Purity to Sexuality (Tokyo heatwave, 2018);
Michiel Terpelle, Kluissleutel niet aanwezig;
Hannah Sakai, I purchased a microwave between 1980 and 1990;